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Withdraw money from Chime without Card


Chime, an American technology digital bank offers fee-free and cardless withdrawal of money in a very easy and effective manner. It was established in 2013 and has now become a choice of millions of customers. Chime bank offers easy withdrawal services through visa debit cards and its online banking system accessible through its app chime.com for android or iOS.This means you can easily withdraw money anywhere just by a single click. Are you still muddled?
Don’t Worry!!! Here is a guide that will help you access your neobank anywhere. Just follow the way you prefer the most and follow the steps. You are ready to make your payments anytime and anywhere. Have a look!

Cardless ATMs

Through the Chime account, you can easily withdraw cash from the ATM without any card. Just follow these simple steps and you are all set.

  • Open the Chime app on your phone and request your withdrawal
  • Now click on the mobile cash access option on the ATM
  • Scan the QR code on your ATM screen
  • Finally, you get the prescribed amount.

It is the easiest way to withdraw money from a chime bank. Extra transaction charges are also excluded. Chime has over 38000 ATMs nationwide with free access for the members. This way the account holders get trouble-free ingress to their accounts anywhere in the US.

Chime Direct Transfers

Chime direct transfers offer a P2P service. This means you can make payments directly without any withdrawal. It is through the “Pay Friends ” option available on the chime mobile app. This is another amazing feature provided by Chime. Users have free access to it. This way they can easily send and receive money with the chime account holders. It is also possible in the case of non-chime users but with certain limitations. Certain transfer limits are there along with the conversion of non-chime users to a chime user.

Cash Back

Many stores and retailers with chime membership allow you to get cashback if you are using chime debit cards at the time of purchase. It includes stores like Walmart, Costco, etc. You can also get extra cashback while paying your cable and phone bills through the Chime app or chime debit card. Many more other locations also allow extra savings or cashback when done with the chime. It is also possible through the chime spotme feature. Let’s learn more about it.

Chime Spotme

It is an overdraft alternative that covers you for free if you are overdrawn. Once Chime sees a fixed amount of direct deposits in your account every month, the overdraft limit starts. This limit can be increased over time. Any debit card purchases more than your current account balance will be fulfilled by chime but up to a certain limit. This extra amount will be deducted from the direct deposits that will be received by your account the next time. This way the Spotme feature helps you to make payments on time. If you don’t enroll on the spotme then any transactions beyond your card limit will be declined.

Send Checks to another account

Sending checks is a cakewalk when you are with a chime. You can now easily send checks within no time and make any urgent payments. Again, this feature is 100% free for its chime members. Follow these steps and send any check within seconds.

  • Login to your chime account or open the chime mobile app on your phone.
  • Under the MOVE MONEY option go to the PAY BILLS dropdown
  • Select the checkbook and add the recipient’s information.
  • Mail your checks

This way chime helps in effortless transfers for free. It is another perk of choosing chime withdrawals. It helps in the precise and timely delivery of the payments.

Final Words

Hence, Chime has now become one of the biggest and trustworthy platforms for sending and receiving payments and easy money withdrawals. It even helps them to become kids financially aware as it is very simple to use. The various perks achieved by using chime helps in making it one of the most widely used platforms. It is no out statement to say that one can trust it fully for all the financial and banking requirements.


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