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What is the Chime Spending limit


Chime offers a compact banking system to effectuate the demands of the present world. It offers chargeless banking services for all its members. Chime proffers two accounts, i.e., the Chime Spending Account and Chime Saving Account. Most of us are well aware of this bank and its precedence. 

But, many times, we get confused about the Chime Spending Limits. We get messed up with the amount of these limits or whether they are erratic or not. 

No need to worry. Here, we are to answer all your questions. 

Chime Spending Account

Chime Spending Account does not require any minimum balance or monthly account fees. It is also known as the Chime Checking Account. It helps accelerate direct deposits. Consequently, they are made available two days earlier. You can deposit cash in your Chime Spending Account.

Chime Spending Limit

Like other traditional Banks, Chime also has spending limits. However, these limits are bifurcated as Over-the-Counter Withdrawals, Point of Sale limit, and Card Purchases Limit. The ATM withdrawal limit is $2500 per day through the Chime ATM card. An extra fee is charged in ATM outside the CHime network services. The charges depend upon the terms and conditions of the retailers or merchants. OTC and POS withdrawals have a limit of $500.

Increase your Chime Spending Limit

Can you increase your Chime Spending LImit?

The answer to the question is no. According to Chime’s latest policies, users cannot update their Chime Spending Limit. This feature is available in many other payment apps but is not supported by Chime. These limits are fixed and immutable.

Chime Spotme Limit

Chime’s Spotme feature is most convenient. It allows its users to make debit card purchases. The best part is that you can increase your spot me limit anytime. It is free and can be increased from $20 to $100.But, there are criteria to be eligible for Chime Spotme. If you receive at least $500 through direct deposit in 31 days, you qualify for Chime Spotme. The next question is, “How to increase your Chime Overdraft limit?” The answer to the question is simple and easy. You have to maintain a good balance in your Chime account and keep receiving direct deposits. As a result, the limit will increase.

Bottom Line

Chime offers perfect banking services at very negligible rates. Unlike any other online banks, it is a faster and straightforward service provider. However, it has a fixed spending account limit. This is unchangeable. The feature causes a bit disgrace to the fame of Chime bank. But, you always have an option to increase Chime Spotme Limit. It can be easily done by maintaining a good Chime balance and regular direct deposits. Following these steps can help you get the best of its services. For more Info Regarding Chime spending limit visit cashcardgreen


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