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What is the Chime Pay Friend Limit


Chime Pay Friends feature allows a quick transfer of funds to your family and friends. All the Chime members have free access to this feature. It works exactly like any other money transfer app. Chime Pay Friend allows a fee-free transfer of payment. It also helps the customers to take care of their mortgage, credit card, and other payments. But you cannot send or receive unlimited money. However, there are some limits to the number of transfers, known as Chime Pay Friend Limit. This limit is $2000 per day, which means you have enough space to work in.

Now we will have a comprehensive discussion of the Chime Pay Friend Limit. 

Chime P2P Service

Chime Pay Friends is not completely like any other peer to peer(P2P) service but performs certain similar functions. This is because, unlike any other P2P Services, Chime Pay Friends is directly connected to your bank account. But it offers direct and chargeless money transfer, which makes it like any other P2P app. So there is no need to link your spending account with any other app. You can make payments to your peers with the Chime Pay Friends.

To transfer money through chime pay friends, follow these steps-

  • Login to Chime account
  • Open the Move Money tab
  • Click the Transfers dropdown
  • Select Pay Friends
  • Now, enter –
    • The recipient’s name
    • Chime Nickname
    • Chime phone number or id

                    Select the name of the recipient.

  • Enter the amount to send and the reason for sending the money.
  • Confirm all the information and send the money

Chime Pay Friends transfer limit

Chime Pay Friends Transfer limit is $2000 per day. Hence, you have a good amount to send or receive. It is as easy as operating your mobile phone. This service is sometimes avoided by other banks, as there may be different issues. But, Chime has made it possible effortlessly and effectively.

Chime nickname feature

Chime gives a nickname to its users. This is another unique feature of chime Digi bank. Chime Pay Friends gives it. You can use this nickname while sending money to your friends. You have to enter the nickname of the recipient, and the money will reach the desired location.

Chime transfer to another account

Is it possible to transfer money to a none chime account?

Yes! You can easily transfer funds to a none chime account. But to procure the amount, the receiver has to register to chime and open a chime spending account. The beneficiary will receive a text or email regarding the same. You require the phone number or mail id of the person you want to send. To transfer money to a none chime account-

  • Go to the Move Money tab on your chime app
  • Under Transfers dropdown, select Pay Friends
  • Search your friends’ name from contacts or enter the mail id or password
  • Enter the amount and send after confirming the details

Chime transfer cancellation process

Once sent, transfers cannot be canceled. Hence, the sender should be fully sure about all the information before sending. The Chime Pay Friends is an immediate money transfer process, so any transaction once made cannot be reverted. 

Bottom Line

The Chime Pay Friends is a distinctive feature of the Chime online Bank. If you are tired of paying transfer fees and are looking for a straightforward banking method, then Chime is the best alternative. Chime’s well-developed banking site and user-friendly technical environment are worth these golden words. The Nickname service under Chime Pay Friends adds to its credibility. It sounds quirky but is actually the most alluring Chime Feature. The Chime Transfer limit also is enough to fulfill all your day to day transactions. Thus, we can say that Chime is becoming one of the most trusted online banking platforms.


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