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How to get your Chime Tax Refund Faster


Want your tax refund faster?

Chime is here to make it possible.

Following the correct procedure can help you get your tax refund faster. Chime helps you effortlessly expedite your tax refund. The online bank leaves no stones left to solve all your issues.  

People are usually stressed during the tax season. Chime relieves its customers by making tax refunds faster. It offers tracking of your refund status through the IRS’s “Where’s My Refund” Tool. The Internal Revenue Service stated that the fastest way to receive your fund is by combining direct deposits with IRS e-File. IRS helps you access your refund in less than 21 days. People eagerly wait to get their refunds and Chime finishes their hold. Here, we will discuss the tax refund process and the steps to receive your chime tax refund faster.

Tax Refund Strategem

Tax refund usually takes a shorter time when filed online, but a long time if followed an old school paper method. 99% of the people receive their chime tax refund within two to three weeks when e-filed.While it takes around six to eight weeks to process a tax refund through the paper method. Thus, you should prefer to e-file to receive your refund faster. It can be done through websites like E-file, Turbotax, etc. Then set up the mode you want to receive your payment. Choose direct deposits for faster results.

Choose ‘direct deposit’ on your tax return software. Then add your Chime account number and corresponding routing number. You will receive a text alert or an email as soon as the refund hits your bank account.

Get an Early Tax Refund

Here are some easy steps that will help you get your tax refund faster-

  1. Account Details

This is the most important step for filing a refund. To get your chime account number and routing number-

  • Click on the ‘Move Money’ option on your Chime app or Chime Website
  • Select ‘Direct Deposits’. Here you will get your chime account number and routing number
  • You can also download or print your account info here.
  1. Fill the Correct Information

It is essential to fill in the correct spending account information while filing your refund. Remember to choose direct deposits when asked to answer the way you want to receive your tax refund. You need to enter your chime account number and routing number after that. Always double-check all your account details. ThisThiis will help in a smooth tax refund.

  1. Instant Notification

Your refund is expected to reach you in 21 calendar days. You will receive a text or mail informing you of the same. In case of a delay, you should contact chime customer care.

Reasons for a Delayed Refund

Sometimes, you may not receive your chime tax refund within two-three weeks. It may be due to reasons like-

  • There may be errors like incorrect spellings, social security numbers, etc.
  • There may be an identity fraud
  • Make sure you avoid such mistakes

Request for a faster return

Follow these simple steps to speed up your tax refunds-

  • The IRS refund tool will help you out. Login to your account and add your tax filing status, social security number, and the refund account.
  • You can also provide all your filing details on the IRS hotline. This will help you get instant results.
  • IRS also has a free app, known as ISR2Go. It is the simplest way to access your refund status details.

Final Words

Chime helps you get quick access to your Chime Tax Refund. All you have to do is take care of the proper steps and methods to file your tax return. Rechecking your account details before submitting plays a major role. Keep in mind the above-mentioned points before filling your Chime Tax Refund and get the fastest services. Consider opening a Chime Savings account to continue with the best. This will help you double up your monetary growth.


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