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Chime Transfer Limit


Do you have an account in the most amazing online bank?
But are you really aware of its transfer limits?
If not then the following article can help you out.
So, let’s begin!
Chime Bank is an online bank without any physical branches. It helps in the smooth and easy transfer of payments just at your fingertips. But there are certain limitations on the number of transfers that can be done.This is known as the Chime Transfer limit.
Transfers are done through Chime Bank’s spending account. It can be done through different methods like ATM Withdrawals, debit visa cards, P2P transfers, etc. All these modes have their own limits. Here, we will have a detailed discussion on the transfer limits of these different methods.

ATM Withdrawal

You can easily withdraw cash through Chime Bank ATM anytime. But it has a limit of $500 per day. This transfer is free in case of a Chime Bank ATM. But an extra fee is charged on every withdrawal done at any other ATM. Withdrawals done at an ATM outside the VPN and MoneyPass Networks has a fee of $2.50. The fee-free ATMs can be located through the chime app ATM finder whenever you type ‘ATMs near me’.

Amount spent through the card

There are no limits to transfers up to $2500 when paid through Chime Bankcard payments. Payments done by cards include purchases, any fees incurred, any ATM and over-the-counter cash withdrawals, and Funds are withdrawn at Point of Sale. The Chime transfer limit of their collective payment is $2500 per day.

Cash Back at POS

Chime bank has no limit to the number of times per day on Cashback at point of sale up to $500. It works like any other cashback options. However, cashback at POS is indirectly a part of card purchases because the payments are done through visa debit cards.

OTC Withdrawals

Over-the-counter withdrawals usually refer to dispensing of the money to you by forking over your card. Similarly, in the case of Chime Bank OTC or Over-the-counter withdrawals can be done at any bank or credit union with the Chime Visa debit card. The Chime Transfer limit of these withdrawals is $500 per day. But at every withdrawal, a fee of $2.50 is charged. This is because the transfer is done outside the VPN and MoneyPass Networks.


Thus, we can conclude that the fully digitalized Chime Bank has distinct transfer limits for all its contrasting modes of withdrawal. Although all these transfers have different limits, they are interrelated as they are either done through card or ATM withdrawals. As a result, the process is easy to perform and the concept of limits can be easily understood. The user-friendly environment of the Chime Bank is one of the major reasons for its successful working and large no. of engagement.


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