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Chime Instant Transfer: Methods and Limits


In today’s age, we all are looking for options that help us save time and energy. No one can afford to stand in long queues. People are so engaged that they want quick results. Therefore, to solve all the problems of the busy world, Chime brings out instant transfer services. Chime makes it possible to complete all your transactions in seconds. 

A Chime Account helps you solve all your issues. You have to follow simple steps to avail of these facilities. Chime is a one-stop-shop for all your financial requirements. Let us discuss ways and methods of Chime Instant Transfer

P2P Instant Transfer

Chime’s peer to peer instant transfer is the easiest and fastest way. It is known as Chime’s Pay Friends feature. This is the best alternative for an instant transfer. It liberates you from the hassle of dealing with checks and cash. Chime Pay Friends is a bit different from other P2P apps. This is because it is directly linked to your Chime Spending Account. So, you have instant access to use it through your Chime Debit Card. To use Chime Pay Friends-

  • Select the Move Money tab from your Chime login.
  • Click Transfers and select Pay Friends
  • Add the amount to send along with the recipients’ information
  • Also, add the recipient’s nickname
  • Confirm all the information and send the money

Transfer money from External Account to Chime Spending Account

You can also link an External Account to Chime Spending Account. It can be done as long as Plaid supports the bank. The External Account Transfer is possible when it has the same name as that of Chime Account.

To make a transfer from an external account to your Chime account-

  • Select Transfers under the Move Money tab
  • Enter the login credentials of your external bank

You can make an external transfer of a maximum of $200 per day and $1000 per month. You will receive the payments in your Chime spending account within 5 business days.  

Pros of Chime Faster Banking

Get Early Payments

With Chime, You get payments earlier than any other bank transfer. It can be possible through the Chime Direct Deposit. Chime members get paid two days earlier compared to other traditional banks.

Daily Balance Notifications and Alerts

Chime helps you know about your daily balance info by regular notifications and alerts. This way, Chime keeps you updated on where things stand in your bank account.

Automatically Saves Money

Chime helps you to save money every time you make a transfer. Whenever you make a purchase or pay a bill, Chime deposits the amount in your savings account. It also helps you save money when you are paid. 10% of the paycheck will be transferred to your Savings Account

Time taken by Chime Transfer

Usually, it takes less than a week to post the money in your spending account. Since Bank Transfers are completed through ACH(Automated Clearing House), they are processed only on business days. After a transaction is made, the Chime banks partner holds it for three business days. Consequently, it takes more than three days for the money to reach you.

Chime Transfer Limits

Chime does not impose any limits on External Bank Transfers. However, there are limits on the internal ways of Chime Transfer. Chime Pay Friends has a limit of $2000 per calendar month. Chime ATM withdrawal limit is $500, and that of debit card payments up to $2500 per day. 

Cancel Chime Transfer

You can cancel a Chime payment only if it has a pending status. The payment might be unsettled because of reasons like slow internet, an old version of the application, or interruptions in the bank network. Follow the steps to cancel an unpaid Chime Transfer-

  • Login to your Chime account and get to your activity
  • Here you will find your payment status
  • Find the pending transfer
  • Click on the Cancelation tab
  • Tap it again to confirm your cancelation

But, it is not possible to cancel a paid transfer. You cannot revert your funds once the transaction is made. Thus, it would be best to go through all the details twice or thrice before making a transfer. This is because chime supports instant transfers. The payments reach the recipient in seconds. Hence, it is not possible to call them off.

Final Say

The above discussion highlights the importance of Chime Transfer. They are easy, free, and spontaneous and therefore trusted by millions. But, its qualities sometimes become a bane as it disables canceling paid transfers. So, you should be alert while making any transfer. Still, it edges over the discomforts caused sometimes. Chime assures to fulfill all the financial requirements of its members. It is a bank of its words. Chime also helps increase the savings of the members by its automatically saving 10% of the paycheck. 

Thus, Chime covers all the aspects of any physical bank. It can be easily relied upon. If you are looking for the best banking system, count on this mobile bank.


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