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Chime customer care service


If you face any issues with Chime internet banking, you can easily contact Chime customer care services. Refer to “Chime Bank support” for the same. They will revert soon and will solve all your problems in the shortest period possible. The simplest way to contact chime customer care is by calling the chime support number. It can be easily found on the chime official website. Chime offers a 24/7 support service for its customers. Hence, there is no fixed time to reach them.

Another method is attaining social media support or sending queries to chime through email. You can even contact Chime headquarters and get all your issues sorted out. All these methods of contacting chime are discussed below.

Contact Chime Via Phone Call

Chime customer care phone number is accessible 24/7, and the human feature is available from Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 7 pm. Here, you can explain all your issues. This feature enables you to get the best possible solutions. It is an automated generated number covering almost all kinds of issues faced. All these options will be provided whenever you call this number-

Press 1- If you have login issues.

Press 2- If you want to block your chime card.

Press 3- If there are issues related to chime direct deposits.

Press 4 -If you want your chime account to be connected with other apps.

Press 5- If you have a problem in sending or receiving money.

Press 6-If there are monetary problems with your chime account.

Press #-If you want to hear all these options again

Finally, press 9 if you want to talk to the bank representative. 

Choosing this option will take you to a technical experts team that will help solve all your technical issues. This way, you can get all your issues resolved.

Contact Chime through Social Media

Chime customer support can also be attained through various social media platforms. It includes sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can reach them through these sites and get your answers almost within an hour. Chime is officially present at many social media sites. YOu can use any medium that is easily accessible.

Via Desktop or Laptop

You can contact chime via desktop or laptop. Just login to your chime account and click on the Help icon. Click Submit a Ticket and fill the ticket form. This way, you can send all your queries to the chime support team. They will revert in 24 hours.

Via Email

You can also mail your queries at support@chime.com. Make sure that your mail id is linked to your chime account. Expect an answer within 24-48 hours. Repeat the process if you are not entertained.

Chime Headquarters

If none of the above options is working, then in the worst case, you can reach or post in the chime bank headquarters. The chime headquarters address is-

PO Box 417

San Francisco, CA 94104

United States of America


Like the two sides of a coin, chime too has a positive and negative side. But the cons of this online bank can be easily solved through the contact chime feature. Its user-friendly environment allows you to get a solution to all your problems within no time. Hence. Just sit back and relax as chime is here to help you in every possible chance. Although there are no visible branches of the bank, its services are far better than that. Sometimes the users cannot chime instant transfers, face login issues, or get direct deposits failed but chime customer care leaves no stone unturned to solve its user’s problems.


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