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Can I Cancel Chime Transfer? Resolved


Chime is a mobile bank founded by Chriss Brait and Ryan King in 2013. It was publically launched in April 2014. Many of us are familiar with its usage and have already become a  part of this organization. Chime is now among one of the most trusted names in the U.S.  Most of us use it and are well aware of its working and policies. But, we have usually heard people being confused about canceling a chime transfer. 

Chime has made the fastest transactions possible. But its swiftness sometimes raises a stink to a lot of people. Sometimes, users transfer money to the wrong person or send the wrong amount without even realizing their mistake. All this happens so quickly that the users have to regret it later. This means that many people are not aware of canceling a chime transfer. Let us discuss the process of canceling a chime transfer and solve the question of many.

Cancel Your Chime Paid or Unpaid Transfer

You can cancel your chime pending transfer through the following steps-

  • Get to your activity in the Chime app.
  • Find the pending transfer you want to cancel.
  • Tap on the “cancellation” tab
  • Click it again to confirm your cancelation

However, it is not possible to cancel a paid transfer. Chime does not support this option. Hence, you should verify all the details before making a transfer.

Cancel an Unpaid Chime Transfer

It is very easy to cancel a pending transaction. It can be done at the time of transfer. Your payment might be pending because of reasons like slow internet, exceeding the limits, using an old version of the application, or interruptions in the bank network. Whatever may be the reason, if your payment status is pending you can cancel it anytime. Just follow the above steps to do so. As a result, the transaction will be canceled and no transfer will be made from your chime account or any other linked account. To confirm the cancelation, check the status of the payment. It changes from “pending” to “canceled”.

Cancel a Paid Chime Transfer

It is not possible to cancel a paid Chime Transfer. Payment once made, cannot be refunded.  But in the worst case, you can contact chime customer care or visit the chime head office. It will let you know if anything is possible. There is an almost negligible chance of a possibility.

Disable Chime Transaction

Chime Neobank supports disabling a Transaction. This means that you can stop unwanted charges in the situation of losing your chime visa debit card. It will prevent money transfer in just a few clicks. To disable Chime Transaction

  • Go to settings in your chime app
  • Then find the security option
  • Select Chime transaction and click on the turn-off tab
  • Now, nobody can access the money from your account


In short, Chime provides the best online banking services. It works much better than any other somatic bank. But, it can be said that the task of canceling a chime transfer is all about fortune and instantaneousness. You can immediately lose a large sum in case of any carelessness. Hence, to avoid any kind of inconveniences you should verify all the information before making any payment. This way you can avoid major blunders. We believe that the information provided in the article can help you a lot. It will also help you circumvent common and silly mistakes, most of us make. You can also share your queries or reviews in the comment section below. We are always here to help you out.


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